Our Know-How

European leader in the manufacturing and distribution of aromatherapy diffuser, our offer is the MOST complete including the different diffusion systems. Over the years, we have always anticipated market trends to offer the right product at the right time to our clients. For this, we apply the multiple facets of our expertise.


recherche et développement

Research and Development :

Innovation is one of the foundations of our brand, so we work on the creation of future models constantly. We equip our diffusers with the latest technology to offer new functions and to offer products ease of use.

In parallel, we give great importance to the design as a diffuser must not only be effective but also decorative. This work is therefore to propose essentially harmonious shapes inspired by nature but also to select noble and quality materials (wood, glass, ceramic ...).


bureau d'étude

Research department : 

In parallel with our range of diffuser Zen'arôme, we also work with companies wishing to develop their own diffuser. This service represents an important part of our business as many companies and laboratories trusted and trust us to manufacturer their own diffuser.

We provide a turnkey solution from choosing or creating the model to the delivery of the order. These phases are described on page Toll manufacturing.


fabrication diffuseur

Manufacturing : 

We have several offices located closest to the factories. This facilitates exchanges with our partners and make us being very responsiveness.

Our Hong Kong office is in charge of sourcing and logistics. Our office in GuangZhou specializes in electronic equipement of our diffuser. It follows up productions, controls quality and researches new partners. We have other offices in Xiamen, Yiwu and other cities each with a specialized area. This presence is a real asset to master each step of the production in real time.


controle qualité

Quality Control :

For each production, we work with our selected partners according to several strict requirements concerning the quality of manufacturing, the modernity of the tool of manufacturing, the working conditions and the ecological footprint.  Each factory is audited before collaboration.

For each production, our office takes care of several quality checks at different step of manufacturing. We can also use external companies specialized in the quality control.



Logistics :

Our products are stored in our warehouse in Nice.

The preparation and the expedition of all orders are handled by our team in order to propose a quality service adapting each of our distributor through Europe.

service client

Customer Service:

We attach major importance to the relationship with our distributors, you are true partners with whom we work for mutual development.

Our customer service demonstrates a very high reactivity for you in our relationship.
Your loyalty is the best gift that we will keep by demonstrating professionalism and availability.