The Brand Zen’Arôme

10 years ago, in the south of France, Zen’Arôme was born from the passion of a woman for nature and alternative medicine. During her travels and discoveries her interest is focused on aromatherapy and led to the creation of Zen'Arôme in order to share and live this passion.

Over the years, she is surrounded by a great team that allowed us to be the European leader in the manufacturing and distribution of aroma diffuser.

We offer the LARGEST selection of diffuser divided into different ranges: reed diffuser by capillarity, nebulization diffuser, ultrasonic diffuser, fogger diffuser and much more. Since the French Riviera, we distribute throughout Europe in our affiliated retail outlets (pharmacies, drugstores, laboratories, specialized shops ...) .

In parallel, we offer Toll-manufacturing service (OEM service). This service allows customizing completely the product according to your needs (design, diffusion system, color, markings, LOGO, accessories, packaging ...). Whatsoever for small or large projects, we are here to assist you.

Human-sized company, we attach great importance to the responsiveness and communication with our clients to build with them a relationship of trust and win-win partnership. For this, our research department develops constantly new models to propose products in agreement with public expectations in terms of functionality and design. In addition, we control the production line and every stage of development to offer quality products.

To continue the development of Zen'Arôme we draw our inspiration from what nature provides for better well-being.

We hope to count you among our partners and so begin a mutually beneficial collaboration.



Zen’Arôme team