You will find answers to questions most frequently asked.

 General Questions:

Q : Where can I get a diffuser of your range?

R : We have many outlets in Europe. Please leave us your information on the "Customer Service" page. We will connect you with a distributor near to you.

Q : Can I order a diffuser on your site?

R : Our website does not sale. Your can buy a diffuser Zen'Arôme from one of our distributors.

Q : How to choose a diffuser?

R : Each diffusion system has its own characteristics. Our range goes from extra professional diffuser system which can cover an area up to 100m2. The choice is based on the expected effectiveness of proposed functions (lighting, timer, adjustable power ...) and aesthetics.

Q : Can I get a copy of the instruction manual for my diffuser Zen'Arôme?

R : There is a link to download the manual of each diffuser on the page "Download Zone".  

Q : How to be kept informed of your news and updates?

R : It is very simple, leave us your contact details via the contact form stating that you wish to be subscribed to our newsletter.

Q : I am a professional and I want to distribute your products?

R : You want to become one of our partners and we thank you. For that, please leave us your contact information via the "Contact Professionnal" page.

Q : Do you offer other products not presented on this site?

R : As a creator and manufacturer of diffuser, we regularly design new models. However, most are designed for brands with the exclusive model and therefore they are not presented on our website. If you did not find the model you are looking for. Send us pictures and information you have and we can provide you (except model protected by copyright, patent or legal deposit model).


 Questions regarding the use of my diffuser by nebulization:

Q : Can i use my diffuser by nebulization with water ?

R : This type of diffuser is operated with pure essential oil WITHOUT water. DO NOT put water or you may damage it.

Q : How to maintain correctly my diffuser.

R : There are several solutions to clean effectively the glass bottle of the diffuser. Everything is detailed in the manual supplied with the diffuser (manual downloadable on this link).

Q : Can I replace the glass bottle if it is damaged?

R : Glass bottle can be replaced easily. Contact your dealer to check the availability of the spare parts.

Q : My diffuser works by alternating and shutdown after a while!

R : Some models of our diffuser by nebulization are equipped with a "timer" function. It automatically control the diffusion by alternating the diffusion time (working time 2 minutes and pause time (1min) and automatic shutdown after two hours of diffusion. The purpose is to regulate the concentration of the essential oils in the air.

Questions regarding the use of my ultrasonic diffuser or aroma diffuser fogger:

Q : Can ultrasonic diffusers  distrub animals ?

R : Our diffusers has no discomfort to humans nor to pets. The frequency range used by the system is significantly higher than the detection limit of our pets.

Q : My diffuser emits a red flash and do not diffuse, what should I do ?

R : If the water level is too low, the diffuser will not work because it is equipped with a water level sensor which stops the diffusion when the water level is insufficient. In that case, add water till achieve the right level indication on the diffuser.

Q : The water level is correct but the unit still emits a red flash!

R : As indicated in the manual, some demineralized water are not properly detected by the system because they are not conductive. The system does not detect the presence of water and emits a flashing or operates intermittently. In that case, add some tap water till the water is detected by the system and begins diffusion.

Q : My diffuser emits no more mist but the lighting is normal, what to do ?

R : This may occur when the water level present in the tank is inappropriate. If there is too much water, the system is "flooded" and can not produce mist. In this case, please adjust the water level in accordance with the indication present on the diffuser.

Q : My diffuser emits no more mist while water level is normal!

R : Your diffuser is equipped with a ceramic membrane. This element is essential to generate the mist. If it is damaged (cracks, scratched ...) or if it has significant deposits of essential oils, the diffuser will produce less mist or not at all. For information, this membrane is a consumable with a limited life. You will find replacement kits containing membrane and tools for installation from your seller.

Q : My diffuser emits no more light!

R : It is possible that essential oils or calcareous water leaves a deposit in the reservoir. Eventually deposit may dim the lights by covering the LED and the bottom of the tank. It is therefore necessary to perform a cleaning to remove the deposit.

Q : I can use all kinds of essential oils with my diffuser?

R : All essential oils are not for dissemination because some are unsuitable for diffusion, some have toxic aromatic molecules. Please follow the advice of a professional. To ensure the life of your diffuser, it is advised to avoid essential oils too resinous or very caustic require maintenance after each use.

Q : How to clean up my diffuser ?

R : How to clean up your diffuser is detailed in the manual. If you can not find it you can download it from the "Downloads" area of this website.

Q : How much essential oil can I put in the diffuser?

R : Please use less than 5 drops of essential oils, this is shown in the corresponding manual and please check it in your manual. Please respect this rule because if the water is overloaded with essential oils, the system will not work correctly. What’s more, too much oil can cause malfunctions.

Q : My diffuser emits water splashing?

R : Each diffuser is equipped with a anti splash cover to avoid splashing. Please check if its position is conforms to the manual.

Q : My diffuser sprayed water but does not mist!

R : Dirty water or water over loaded with essential oils may be the cause of this problem. So please empty the tank and fill it with clear water.

Q : How to obtain warranty on my diffuser Zen’Arôme ?

R : Most of the time, you need just clean up according to our advice is enough to solve the problem. You will find below some information about it. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service provided with your bill to establish a diagnosis.

Q : I have not found an answer to my question, what to do?

R : Please contact our customer service and we will answer your question.